The Melody of Peace 【ENGLISH】

 In April 2006, the members of Sapporo Children's Musical were invited to the Vatican City to sing in front of Pope Benedict XVI.

This is because the original musicals they had made with the aim of obtaining world peace were highly evaluated.
The musical is the story of a Polish, Brother Zeno Zebrowski who saved war orphans after the atomic bomb attack in Nagasaki.

Mariko Hosokawa, the representative, lived in Nagasaki when she was young.
At the time of atomic bomb attack, she had been evacuated to Fukuoka prefecture and she was safe, but lost many friends.
Through making the musical, Ms. Hosokawa started to remember the horrific times of the war,
but as the world faced big crisis, felt the strong need to send out a message of peace to the next generation.

It is hard to understand the true suffering of wartime for today's children.
The musical were created while various sentiments are mixed between generations.

*Mariko Hosokawa passed away in 2020 at the age of 88.
 This program was re-edited and broadcast in 2020 in honor of Ms. Hosokawa's many years of achievements.

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